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And when you walk away,
Won’t you say good night?
Won’t you say farewell?
Won’t you look back across the dell,
Like clichés in an ancient song?

This most bitter and sweet of adieus,
To find your wings, to soar amongst clouds,
Will take up your attention soon enough,
With its bright colours and happy doves,
Its answers to wistful questions in throngs.

Promise to dive into oceans,
Befriend strange mates and odd fellows,
Partake in sweet meats and fruit wreaths,
Celebrate unbirthdays as often as you breathe,
And dream, always, to correct every wrong.

When you are ready, and no longer a stray,
When you realize confusion is as common as day,
And that structure is only part of the way,
That horror is neither black nor white, but gray,
Return, finally, to where you know you belong.
And stay.


Written by Perfectfiresky

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Life is a funny, fickle thing
The young prince sighs
as he sees the orange, sunny day
chuckling at him outside

Is this a trap to make him
forget about his previous love
that is full of honey and butter?

Or is it a plan to teach him
about unfairness and…

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My mother always told me not to talk with a full mouth,
For what are words if not strings of bullets
Bouncing up and down and left and right
Within the cavernous space between your cheeks?

My mother always told me not to talk with a full mouth,
For what are…

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Nobody hears you
Day and night
You keep on disappearing
Like clouds and sand
What a pile of wood

There’s no room for sadness
Everybody tells you
It’s a superficial wound
Like spilled ink and taints
Heartbreaks too will fade

You don’t get angry
You just get tired

What a normality
It sinks into your senses
Until gloom
Like a stranger
Taking over your life

Let’s get out of here.

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I looked at the dirty plates in the sink,
They reminded me of blank minds in space.
No one would clean them now, who would? Not you.
Soon enough they would disappear… if I blinked.

I stared at the candy wrappers on the floor,
They moved like flower petals in the wind,
Scuttling like meaningless laughter in silence,
Waiting to be let in through the closed door.

Blank minds, my mind was blank now too. Why not?
Desolate, everything sinking into teacups.
I thought a lot, but I had no thoughts.
I watched the candy wrappers fighting like bears fought.

Dirty plates floated and whirled around my head,
But empty pockets hung out of empty baskets,
Naked as the lightbulb shining in the sky.

Screeching tyres woke me up, and I was glad.


Prompt: Bare and Empty

Written by Perfectfiresky

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It’s not too much
My dear fellow in haste
Just speak over your wounds
Don’t mind your hesitance
Powder it with glory

Your upbringing or your peers
Could make you surrender
Into a night of tragedy or
A life of curiosity,
Which do you prefer to suffer?

Depends on what…

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I saw the rainbow in the water
But I was black and had no place;
The dolphins swimming through the waves,
And me, a blobfish, bobbing for grace.

Look at the clouds
Wooed by white peacocks
Floating in a circle
On the clear blue pool.

I stood by the fence, staring at
A nobody, a nullity
I was a soldier, lost without a mission.
I was a comedian, mute with no quips.

They all think I’m crazy,
I know I can’t be loved.
Just take it away, take it all,
But leave me, blinded, broken,


Prompt: Outsiders

Written by Perfectfiresky

Photo by Şahin Sezer Dinçer on Unsplash

From different worlds,
Different lives,
Different paths,
Our roads diverge.

But then time swirls,
And our minds reply,
The possibility’s vast,
Our futures converge.

Seeking your attention,
I wear my crown,
Skipping through treetops,
Whilst aground.

Dear friend,
Whatever your thoughts,
Whatever your doubts,
My efforts have not come to naught.

I see your past,
I see your future,
Fighting through the clutter,
Like a knife through butter.

Separated by space,
Separated by time,
A pair of mismatched socks
Like the moon and Earth, locked.

Never to meet,
Never to touch,
A promise to keep,
A word to be clutched.


Prompt: Dear Friend

By Perfectfiresky

Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

Since the day you left, it was emerging and surging softly. Like the waves on the sand in the morning. Like my voice during elementary school. Like my words day by day.

The threats were gone or might have infused with the lost letters of tomorrow. I know now why…

By Jun Kumaori

I hope it rains and rains and rains.

Then they will know that the shredded paper and the fragmented windows are still dying. The pendulum does not sway without a reason. It gives birth to mysteries and tragedies. Tracks of thoughts and promises are always buried in the same sphere…

The Little Inklings

The Snail Mission. The little duo who are slow (when it comes to deadlines) and like to eat, but occasionally go on strange adventures.

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